5th Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop

Phenomenologies of Presence: Management, Organization & Art-based Experience of distanced worlds

The 5th Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop by the university research center Dauphine Recherches en Management (DRM) in partnership with Stockholm School of Economics (Method Lab and Art initiative) will be about "Phenomenologies of Presence". The workshop will take place online on the May 21st 2021.

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In our world in crisis, work and life happen more and more in decentered and remote ways. Social distanciations, ephemeral mobilities, digital mediations, pervade all aspects of our lives (communicating, teaching, managing, loving, creating, justifying…). What happens to Presence in such a world? Is it a rarity, a luxury, a simulacrum or a myth? Can it still be grounded into unique time-spaces, co-located meetings happening at the same place, the same time, for long periods? Is there presence in transitional worlds where spaces are neither inhabited nor embodied? Most of us experience mediated mobility blurring family and work communications by means of technological tools and toys; smartphones, tablets and laptops. At home, remote work is more and more present, making the presence of work itself technologically interwoven with that of family life and private atmospheres. But can we study technologies without facing the question of presence. And without reducing the question of presence to a psychological matter? If so what are the roles of “phenomenologies of presences”

How do people co-construct new modes of co-presence in this world in crisis? Indeed, with the covid crisis, distance has again a depth and time appears more than ever as a process with or without anchorage. How are emotions and affects still present, wrapped into a chiasmatic relationships with work, family lives and many forms of absence? How are faces, atmospheres, embodiment and temporalities enacted in our digital world? How do digital mediations and digital actors attempt to embody the presence of others and to make us feel a sense of togetherness? What are the limits to authentic experiences of presence? What are or what could be the ways to manage co-presence today? Is presence becoming more and more atmospheric in our societies? Beyond technologies, how can art help us to cultivate a sense of presence in a world dominated by an oppressive vertigo? Time has come to explore the implications of new phenomenologies of presence!

Those are the organizational, managerial and artistic questions we would like to explore with this 5th Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop. 

Co-chairs: Pierre Guillet de Monthoux (SSE), Emma Stenström (SSE) & François-Xavier de Vaujany (Université Paris Dauphine-PSL)


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Date : vendredi 21 mai 2021
de 9h00 à 18h30
Lieu : En ligne