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Jarreau Joachim

Associate Professor

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Phone : 0633490857, 0144054523

Office : P117


Joachim Jarreau is an assistant professor (maitre de conference) in economics at Paris-Dauphine-PSL university, a member of LEDA and the DIAL research group. His research interests are in international trade and development, in particular regional integration and trade informality in the West Africa region. He also works on migration, in particular on labor market integration in host economies, and the distributional impacts of migration in origin countries. He holds a PhD in economics from Paris-1 university, and worked previously as a post-doc researcher at IFPRI and at Aix-Marseille university.



Bensassi S., Jarreau J. (2019), Price discrimination in bribe payments: Evidence from informal cross-border trade in West Africa, World Development, vol. 122, p. 462-480

Bensassi S., Jarreau J., Mitaritonna C. (2019), Regional Integration and Informal Trade in Africa: Evidence from Benin’s Borders, Journal of African Economies, vol. 28, n°1, p. 89-118

David A., Jarreau J. (2017), Migrating out of a crowded labor market: evidence from Egypt, IZA Journal of Development and Migration, vol. 7, n°1

Jarreau J. (2015), Determinants of Trade Policy: Insights from a Structural Gravity Model, The World Bank Economic Review, vol. 29, n°suppl 1, p. S155-S163

Jarreau J., Poncet S. (2014), Credit constraints, firm ownership and the structure of exports in China, International Economics, vol. 139, p. 152-173

Jarreau J., Poncet S. (2012), Export sophistication and economic growth: Evidence from China, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 97, n°2, p. 281-292

Autres publications

Bensassi, S., Jarreau J., Mitaritonna C. (2018), Lifting the lid on the black box of informal trade in Africa, The Conversation, 24 septembre, https://theconversation.com/lifting-the-lid-on-the-black-box-of-informal-trade-in-africa-102867

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