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Meunier Laurent

Phd Student



Pinot R., Meunier L., Yger F., Gouy-Pailler C., Chevaleyre Y., Atif J. (2022), On the robustness of randomized classifiers to adversarial examples, Machine Learning, vol. 111, n°9, p. 3425–3457

Communications avec actes

Gnecco Heredia L., Pydi M., Meunier L., Negrevergne B., Chevaleyre Y. (2023), On the Role of Randomization in Adversarially Robust Classification, in A. Oh , T. Neumann, A. Globerson, K. Saenko, M. Hardt, S. Levine, Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation, Inc.

Meunier L., Ettedgui R., Pinot R., Chevaleyre Y., Atif J. (2022), Towards Consistency in Adversarial Classification, in S. Koyejo ; S. Mohamed ; A. Agarwal ; D. Belgrave ; K. Cho ; A. Oh, Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation, Inc.

Meunier L., Legheraba I., Chevaleyre Y., Teytaud O. (2021), Asymptotic convergence rates for averaging strategies, in Finck, Steffen, New York, NY, ACM - Association for Computing Machinery, 1-11 p.

Meunier L., Chevaleyre Y., Rapin J., Royer C., Teytaud O. (2020), On Averaging the Best Samples in Evolutionary Computation, in Thomas Bäck, Mike Preuss, André Deutz, Berlin Heidelberg, Springer, 661-674 p.

Prépublications / Cahiers de recherche

Scetbon M., Meunier L., Atif J., Cuturi M. (2021), Equitable and Optimal Transport with Multiple Agents, Paris, Preprint Lamsade

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