3 Dauphine - PSL graduates awarded the prix de thèse de la Chancellerie

For another year running, three Dauphine - PSL graduates have been recognized by the Chancellerie des universités de Paris*

Camille Hébert, 1st prize in Management Science, for her thesis entitled, “Essais sur la Structure du Capital et le Capital Humain,” directed by Edith Ginglinger in the DRM group.

Antoine Fabre, 2nd prize in Management Science, for his thesis entitled, “Quantification comptable et limites du gouvernement à distance : Le cas de la comptabilité dans les bagnes coloniaux de Guyane ( 1859-1873),” directed by Pierre Labardin in the DRM group.

Aude Genevay, winner of the Prix en sciences « toutes spécialités », for her thesis entitled, “Régularisation Entropique du Transport Optimal pour l’Apprentissage Statistique », directed by Gabriel Peyré in the CEREMADE group.

Our hearty congratulations to these three new PhDs!

Because of the current public health situation, we cannot hold the traditional awards ceremony at the Sorbonne this year.

* : Since 1987, the Chancellerie des universités de Paris has recognized new PhDs from the 15 universities and six prestigious public institutions of higher education in the Île-de-France region whose doctoral work has resulted in major progress in research in fields as varied as political science, pharmacy, economics, management, arts, and humanities.

Published on 12 November 2020