Economics and Financial Engineering - Bachelor's Year 3

Program Objectives

The third year of the Bachelor’s program in Economics and Financial Engineering trains economists who specialize in market and corporate finance. The aim is to educate students in the quantitative techniques and computational tools that are indispensable in today’s world. Students who earn this Bachelor’s degree can pursue the Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance, and are particularly suited for the two-year apprenticeship track in Economic and Financial Engineering.

Program objectives:

  • Master forecasting and optimization techniques, quantitative methods, statistical and software tools,
  • Understand research and research study methodologies,
  • Develop the analytical skills and the ability to synthesize required for diagnostics and appraisal.
Types of education
Initial training
French and English
ECTS Credits
60 credits
Optional Internship
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Bachelor's degree
Academic Year