Mathematics, Machine Learning, Sciences, and Humanities: Master's Year 2

An International Outlook

Under the aegis of this program, students who fulfill the requirement will receive the degree of Master's with a specialization in Mathematics, Deep Learning, and Humanities (MASH) from PSL-Dauphine and Laurea Magistrale in """"Scienze Statistiche e Decisionali� from Sapienza University of Rome.


  • Students following either program must pass 36 ECTS credits (four courses plus the thesis) in the other program.
  • Attendance is required at all courses in which a student is registered, and any absences will negatively effect the final grade.

Current MIDO M1 students interested in the exchange program, which is limited to five students maximum, should contact Christian Robert before May 31. Final admissions decisions are made by the MASH selection committee.