Special admissions and support dedicated to students in exile

The procedure applies
to all students in exile

Université Paris Dauphine – PSL has introduced a special admissions procedure for students in exile (with adjusted selection criteria), valid for all of its programs. Admitted students will be given comprehensive support throughout their studies at Dauphine, to ensure that their time here is spent in the best possible conditions.  

  • Regardless of their status or nationality;  
  • With a level in French (or English if the program is in English) equal to or above B2. Thirty new spots are opened each academic year.  

For students admitted after examination of their application, this procedure lets them enroll in a Dauphine program at the Undergraduate, Master’s or PhD level.

Application Process

To apply, students must complete the online form to provide information about their situation and academic path. Students must indicate which programs they plan to enroll in at Université Paris Dauphine – PSL, after consulting the University’s offerings. In addition, all documents supporting the application (proof of administrative status, proof of identity, CV, diplomas/transcripts, evidence of level in French/test) may be requested. 


The university examines application according to a determined schedule and makes selections based on criteria relevant to the situation of the students in exile. Interviews (academic/level of French) may be organized in addition.

The exile representative at Université Paris Dauphine – PSL informs selected candidates of their admission decision. Those who are not admitted are redirected towards other institutions (e.g.: other higher education institutions if the student’s academic path is not relevant to the areas of study at the University).

For admitted applicants, enrollment has its own adjusted procedure, for which applicants receive assistance.

Application Calendar 2024

  • From 12 March to 19 April (6 pm): applications open; 
  • April to May: applications are analyzed and students are selected by the “exile” commission; 
  • June to early July: enrollment of students admitted via the special procedure.

Applications received outside of the pre-determined calendar may be examined by the University, subject to conditions.