Bachelor - Applied Mathematics

Program Objectives of the Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics

The Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics focuses on mathematics (particularly optimization probabilities and statistics) and is complemented by introductory courses in other areas of mathematics as well as elective courses in economics, finance, IT and other sciences.

It is the first step in a curriculum that is very popular with a number of businesses in the service industry (financial markets, actuarial services, marketing, scoring, polling, big data. management, digital image processing, modeling and mathematical analysis, multimedia, etc.) but can also lead to advanced studies in applied mathematics and a doctoral thesis.

Program objectives :

  • Acquire training focused on mathematics and complemented by optional courses in economics, finance, and computer science
  • Acquire skills in high demand within many professions and activities in the service industry
  • Offers the possibility to complete digital projects

Organization of the Bachelor's degree

Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics

Types of education
Initial training
Outgoing Level
Duration of studies
6 semesters
ECTS Credits
180 credits
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Bachelor's degree
Academic Year