Who can apply?

  • Students who have passed the second year of the Bachelor's degree in Organization Sciences at Paris Dauphine-PSL are automatically admitted. Students who have passed the second year of the MIE Bachelor's degree are admitted on the basis of their application packet.
  • External candidates who have taken courses in sociology, political science, or economics in AL or BL Classes préparatoires or at other universities.
  • Students are expected to be familiar with the works of the major figures in sociology and political science.
  • Students should also understand the basics of public law.
  • Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods in sociology, political science, and economics is a plus.

How and when to apply?

To apply for this course, please visit our My candidature digital platform (applications cannot be submitted by any other means). Details and timetable are available on this page.
Specific instructions for candidates coming from the literary and humanities “ classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles ” (CPGE):

  • For candidates coming from the AL track: access via the BEL entrance examinations: www.concours-bel.fr
  • For candidates coming from the BL track: access via the BCE entrance examinations: www.concours-bce.com
  • Additional materials must be submitted through the online application platform.

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