Dual Bachelor’s degree (French and German): Bachelor's Year 3

Program Objectives

The third year of the dual Bachelor's degree (French and German) continues the work of the first two years. Students choose a specialization (Economics or Management) in semester 4, and will undertake their studies in that area in their third year. Students are on the campus of Goethe University in Frankfurt for both semesters in their third year, and courses are taught primarily in English and German.

Program objectives :

  • Learn the theories and skills foundational to management or applied economics, depending on their specialization,
  • Learn how to work independently at the college level in a German-speaking environment,
  • Gain professional experience through an extended internship in semester 6. The internship will enrich the students’ theoretical knowledge of their field of specialization (economics or management),
  • Improve their research, writing, and synthesizing skills by working on their Bachelor’s thesis,
  • Become more comfortable with oral presentation by defending their Bachelor’s thesis,
  • Deepen their understanding of professional intercultural relations between France and Germany,
  • Earn a dual degree: a Bachelor’s in Management and Organizational Management or Applied Economics from Dauphine, and a Bachelor of Science from Goethe University with a specialization in management or in economics and finance.
Types of education
Initial training
Work-based training
ECTS Credits
60 credits
12 weeks
No work-based training
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Bachelor's degree
Academic Year