Computer Science and Mathematics for Decision-Making and Data - Bachelor’s Year 3

Program Objectives

This program aims to give students robust training in information systems with a range of courses in mathematics, economics, and management of theoretical tools. The Computer Science and Mathematics for Decision-Making and Data program is intended to prepare students for IT careers dealing with data processing and operational research.

Program objectives:

  • Acquire knowledge of algorithms, programming (Python, Java, and C), databases, networks, and various IT tools (PHP, HTML, Excel, etc.)
  • Acquire extensive skills in optimization and decision-making
  • Be able to create economic and financial models
  • Develop a general understanding of economics and finance, crucial not only for students' professional futures but also their everyday understanding of major economic issues and debates
  • Be able to work in English (English courses each semester)
  • Be able to work in a group (projects)
  • Oral and written communication skills (courses in public speaking, oral presentations, project defenses, etc.)
  • Analyze complex systems, process various types of data, and gain skills in business management
Types of education
ECTS Credits
Optional Internship
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Bachelor's degree
Academic Year