Sustainable Development and Organizational Responsibility - 239/293 - Master's Year 2

Program Year

Obligatoires - Parcours Recherche et Professionnel

  • Les essentiels de la RSE / Accompagnement projets du master
  • Organisation(s) et développement durable.
  • Comptabilité(s), DD & RSO
  • Economie sociale et solidaire (ESS)
  • Etudes et Recherche - Outils et méthodes
  • Urbanisme, territoires et Développement Durable
  • Droit de l’environnement et Droit social
  • Economie du Développement Durable

Optionnel Parcours Professionnel - 6 ECTS à choisir

  • Transversal seminar 1 (PSL WEEK 1)
  • SPOC SIGMA - Managing ODD
  • Pouvoir économique et financier
  • Marketing et sobriété (Parcours Professionnel)
  • Finance durable (Parcours Professionnel)

Optionnels Parcours Recherche - 6 ECTS à choisir

  • Pouvoir économique et financier
  • Marketing et sobriété (Parcours Recherche)
  • SPOC SIGMA - Managing ODD
  • Finance durable (Parcours Recherche)

Obligatoire - Parcours Recherche et Professionnel

  • Projets tutorés
  • Cycle de Conférences

Obligatoire - Parcours Recherche

  • Méthodologies de la recherche
  • Stage recherche
  • Etudes et Recherche - Outils et méthodes

Obligatoire - Parcours Professionnel

  • Gestion de projet, Conduite du changement
  • Economie sociale et solidaire (ESS)
  • Mémoire (Parcours Recherche)

Academic Training Year 2021 - 2022 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

This program consists of 240 hours of instruction taken between the months of September and December.

The program offers two integrated training opportunities: a professional track, which includes an internship of at least four months, and a research track that includes a period of study abroad.

Students will produce a Master's thesis, an exercise in applied thought and professional writing on a topic pertaining to sustainable development and CSR. The thesis is an opportunity for students on the research track to work on a theoretical, academic project and for students on the professional track to apply theory to the assignments they undertook during their internship.

Internships and Supervised Projects

Students on the professional track must complete a four-to-six month internship beginning as early as January.

The internship gives students an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude specific to the type of career they want.