Insurance Law - 286 - Master's Year 2

Program Objectives

The program in Insurance Law course offers students legal and technical courses and opens up opportunities for all roles in the insurance sector, at all kinds of companies (insurers / policyholders / brokers) and in law firms in France and abroad.

Two courses are possible:

  • work-study training over 2 years, with 750 hours of instruction. It gives the right to two diplomas: the DU IAP - Institut des Assurances de Paris (1st and 2nd year) and the Master 2 Insurance Law.
  • initial training (without work-study) in one year, with 430 hours of instruction. It allows to obtain the Master 2 Insurance Law whose courses are selected in the 1st and 2nd year of the University Degree.

Program objectives:

  • Acquire knowledge of the core business (insurance contract) in all branches of insurance (property, liability and personal insurance)
  • Know insurance and reinsurance techniques, distribution methods, constraints related to controls and accounting, tax and prudential rules
  • Understand the international dimension of insurance: operators, markets and issues in France, Europe and other continents.
Types of education
Initial training
Work-based training
French and English
ECTS Credits
60 credits
12 weeks or work-based training
No work-based training
Type of Diploma
National diploma conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year


  • Sarah Bros

    University Professor

    Director of the 2nd year of the Master's degree


    Associate Lawyer, GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL Law firm

    Co-Director of the 2nd year of the Master's degree

  • Camille Perrin

    Teaching assistant

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After Dauphine

2 Month

job hunting's average duration

100 %

Professional integration rate


Median salary