Dauphine signs declaration on research assessment (DORA)

By signing the San Francisco Declaration, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL is committed to a process of measuring the quality of its research

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) was drafted in 2012 with the aim of "improving the way in which the quality of research output is evaluated".
With the approval of the Scientific Council, by joining the signatories, Université Paris Dauphine - PSL is fully committed to a voluntary approach aimed at improving these practices.

DORA: recommendations for all those involved in research 

DORA's recommendations are addressed to all research stakeholders: funding agencies, educational and research institutions, journals, organizations that supply metrics, and individual researchers.

In the context of 2012, they concern mainly articles published in peer-reviewed journals. However, recognizing the richness of academic production, the authors emphasize that these recommendations are intended to be extended to other productions, such as research data. 

The general recommendation is to adopt new practices so that the evaluation of research is no longer based on indicators linked to journals, such as the impact factor, but to use criteria that measure the intrinsic quality of the research conducted. 

Recommendations, based on the same principle, are addressed to higher education and research institutions and researchers, who are encouraged to take into account the richness of scientific production, to use the "wide range of impact measures" and to reject the impact factor.

Concrete actions in the context of open science

The signature of DORA by the University of Paris Dauphine - PSL comes in a context where the evolution of research evaluation criteria is becoming a national and international issue. 

At the national level, the evolution of research evaluation is an objective integrated in the Second French Plan for Open Science. Concrete changes have already taken place, such as the introduction of open science in the HCERES evaluation criteria or the suppression of impact factors for National
Research Agency (ANR)
calls for projects.  

At the European level, the construction of the European Research Area (ERA) is based on the principle of open science. Thus, the Horizon Europe program integrates the consideration of these practices in its evaluation criteria. 

By becoming a signatory of DORA, the university has joined this movement of openness, which promotes open and quality research. With this commitment, it joins its closest partners, such as Université PSL, which already includes in its Charter of Academic Recruitment, the evaluation of the quality of researchers' scientific careers and the diversity of their activities.

Contact : Christine Okret-Manville, Library Director - christine.okret-manville@dauphine.psl.eu 

Published on 17 May 2023