Banking, Finance and Insurance
(Magistère, multidisciplinary BA)

Program Objectives

The Magistère in Banking, Finance, Insurance is a curriculum of excellence which prepares high-level practitioners capable of adapting successfully to the rapid changes of modern finance. For more than 30 years, the three-year program (from L3 to M2) prepares experts for the diverse professions in banking, finance, auditing, consulting and insurance. The program alternates between academic courses, projects, meeting with professionals and internships, all the while fostering strong international pathways through prestigious partnerships in Europe, the US and Asia.


Program objectives:

  • Assimilate a solid interdisciplinary foundation in accounting, financial mathematics, financial management, portfolio management, microeconomics, econometrics, law, etc.
  • Acquire knowledge allowing for approval of two programs from Université Paris Dauphine through transferred credits: the Bachelor's in Applied Economics at the end of the first year of the magistère as well as the Master's in Economics and Finance at the end of three years of the magistère.
  • Know how to use essential software tools in the business world, such as Bloomberg and Excel, and assimilate new programming languages such as Matlab, Python and VBA.
  • Prepare one's entry into the professional world and define one's career plan with networking events (cocktails and breakfasts) organized in partnership with businesses and the magistère alumni network.
  • Participate in a mentoring program. In this way, each student benefits from the personalized advice and follow-up of a mentor over the course of their education.
  • Acquire professional experience with a mandatory yearly internship to be fulfilled (3 to 6 months) and the possibility of a gap year at the end of the first year of the Master's degree program.
Types of education
Initial training
Outgoing Level
Duration of studies
6 semestres
ECTS Credits
180 credits
Type of Diploma
Diploma conferring a Master's degree
Academic Year

Primary Opportunities

  • Merger and acquisitions consultant
  • Private equity
  • Structurer
  • Sales-trader
  • Market Economist
  • Asset Manager