Program Year

Tronc commun

  • Comptabilité et information financière
  • Fiscalité de l'entreprise
  • Droit du travail
  • Droit économique
  • Analyse financière de l'entreprise
  • Mathématiques financières
  • Anglais
  • Contrôle et pilotage des organisations
  • Management scientifique et aide à la décision

Tronc commun

  • Management des systèmes d'information
  • Anglais
  • Droit fiscal
  • Comptabilité internationale
  • Droit des sociétés
  • Comptabilité approfondie
  • Droit du travail
  • Comportement professionnel
  • Prévisions financement et marchés

Academic Training Year 2022 - 2023 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The program is two semesters long and is worth 60 ECTS credits. In order to pass the year, students must pass all courses taken with an average grade (after any rounding) of at least 10/20.

Some of the first-semester courses, which take place from September to December, are shared with the third year of the Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Management.
Courses in the second semester, which takes place from January to May, are specific to this program.

Internships and Supervised Projects

Students are required to complete an internship of at least eight weeks duration after the second semester (between May and August). The internship may take place abroad.