Banking and Finance - 224 - Master's Year 2

Program Year


  • Ethique et compliance
  • M & A
  • Machine Learning pour la finance
  • Bootcamp Python
  • Macroéconomie
  • Bank and digital strategy
  • Venture Capital
  • Banking Risk Management
  • Réglementation prudentielle et comptable des activités bancaires et financières
  • Les métiers de la BFI
  • Fintech
  • Impact Finance
  • Evaluation financière


  • Hedge Funds
  • Droit du Financement
  • Finance Verte et Durable
  • Fintech and sustainable finance
  • Blockchain, ICO et crypto-actifs
  • Gestion du risque de crédit
  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure et transition énergétique
  • Gestion actif passif
  • Mémoire
  • Stage

Academic Training Year 2021 - 2022 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The program consists of 408 hours of instruction, spread out between September and the end of March.
The content taught is a tightly integrated combination of (a) theory, providing a rigorous analytical and methodological framework, and (b) applied methods that engage both with innovative research findings and changes in the professional banking and finance spheres.

Internships and Supervised Projects

Students must complete a full-time internship of at least three months' duration after classes end in April.
Students can pursue a wide variety of internship opportunities, as long as these give them the opportunity to gain professional experience in a bank, a credit institution, or an investment firm. They can also intern at an accounting or financial audit firm providing financial operations services or in a corporate finance department.