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Master - Finance

Program Objectives

The Master's in Finance prepares high-level financial executives for businesses and financial institutions. They possess expert technical skills by professional sector, management skills, and evolving knowledge gained through an introduction to research and through research training seminars.
This Master’s is a high-quality education within the French academic landscape given its size, its reputation, its level of internationalization, the diversity of the professions covered, and the quality of its academic path offerings.

Program Objectives:

  • Offer excellent training in financial methods.
  • Foster international mobility in the first and second year through numerous international exchange agreements. These agreements allow foreign students to be hosted by Dauphine and Dauphine students to depart to numerous institutions of higher education.
  • Open up to different professional perspectives within all financial professions.
  • Foster the development of an international career.

Organization of the Master’s Degree

1st year

After a first year followed by an optional gap year, 11 specializations are possible. A research specialization is offered as initial training: Research in Finance

Optional gap year

1st year
Financial markets

After a first year followed by an optional gap year, 1 specialization is possible.

Année de césure optionnelle

2nd year


1st year
Finance : companies and markets

After a first year followed by an optional gap year, 1 specialization is possible.

Optional gap year

2nd year


1st year
Finance: Work-study program

After the first year, 3 specializations are possible.

No gap year

Types of education
Initial and work-based training
Outgoing Level
French and English
Duration of studies
4 semesters (excluding the gap year)
ECTS Credits
120 credits
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year

Primary Opportunities

  • Private Equity, M&A
  • Asset & Risk Management Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Trader, broker
  • Financial Analyst

Ils racontent Dauphine

Jérémy GABAY

FX Sales-Trading, Barclays Wealth


Gestionnaire ALM, BNP Paribas


Assistant Professor, University New South Wales, Sydney

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