New Campus in 2027
Stakeholders and Partners

Université Paris Dauphine - PSL

Project Stakeholders

Gaëlle Péneau Architectes et Associés

Établissement Public d’Aménagement Universitaire de la Région Ile-de-France

A Co-Creation Project with Stakeholder Collaboration

The construction site has one particular feature: it will be occupied and in use while the works are being carried out.

The project has been designed to ensure continuity in terms of our research and teaching activities while the works are taking place, and the works have been categorized as producing “low noise emissions”. The building of the new wing has been prioritized, so that this space can be used to temporarily house the offices and class rooms from the historic building while the renovation works are carried out.

Valérie Renaudin, Vice-President for Capital Projects and New Campus, has galvanized all stakeholders around the project, to ensure university life can continue under the best possible conditions, while fostering a spirit of co-creation and creating an environment that allows original ideas and initiatives to emerge.

From consultation to action

  • A committee made up of research professors and administrative staff met on a regular basis between February and June 2022 to rethink the use of office space in the post-Covid era.
  • The working group Travaux Dau’ (Dauphine Works), comprised of student representatives and the Vice- President, met on a monthly basis to address subjects relating to the building project and anticipate the needs of the student community during the construction phase.
  • Members of the Laboratory for Analysis and Modeling of Decision Support Systems (LAMSADE) came up with a kinematics algorithm, to help optimize the planning of successive moves during the course of the construction and renovation works, up until the completion of the project in 2027.

Student organization engagement

  • A group of a dozen Master’s in Business Transformation students developed a student Ambassador program to ensure the visibility and involvement of the student community in the project.
  • To prepare for the upcoming moves, an awareness campaign titled “Tri’Athlon” was launched to provide guidance on sorting in the offices. This was planned in collaboration with the Dauphine Durable and Noise Paris-Dauphine student associations.
  • New social spaces will replace the Cour d’honneur (main courtyard), which will be undergoing construction work from September 2022. The first of these will be located at the end of the courtyard, and will feature a mural by the artist Jibé, winner of the Street Art @ Dauphine competition, which was organized by the Urbaine Paris student association and the university. Snapshots selected by Lab Photo and Dauphine, which perfectly encapsulate life at Dauphine, will be on display along the external walkways of wing A, which in the future will be relaxation areas.