Who can apply?

  • Students who have passed the second year of their Bachelor's degree at Dauphine and both the first and second years of the Law program.
  • Students who have passed the Bachelor’s program in Interdisciplinary Studies (CPES) at PSL, as long as they followed the Economic, Social, and Legal Science (SESJ) track, majored in Law, and receive at least an average score of 10 in the Law major.
  • Students who have completed a BAC+2 degree (a three-year degree worth 120 ECTS) or equivalent in law at another university or institution of higher education.
  • Candidates must have a basic understanding of private and public law and a decent level of English.

How to apply?

Students who have passed the second year of both the Bachelor's degree and the Law program are automatically eligible.

External candidates are admitted based on the quality of their application package, which should be submitted online in accordance with the timeline indicated here: https://dauphine.psl.eu/formations/licences/candidatures-et-procedures-d-admissions

When to apply?


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