Investment Banking and Markets - 268 - Master's Year 2

Who can apply?

  • Completed a BAC+4 degree (four-year university degree worth 240 ECTS credits), or the equivalent from a university or institution of institution of higher education
  • Students who have studied one of the following disciplines: Finance, economics, econometrics and mathematics with Honors; graduates of one of the Grandes Ecoles de Commerce (such as Lyon, Essec, or la Bocconi) or Grandes Ecoles d'Ingénieur (such as école centrale de paris, Télécom Bretage, école Polytechnique, école des Ponts et chaussées, etc.).
  • Students who have studied financial theory,
  • A good TOEFL or TOEIC score is a plus.
  • Prior experience (work-study or internship) at a corporate and investment bank

How to apply?

There are five stages in the admissions process, three of which pertain to eligibility and two to admission proper:

  1. An online application
  2. The review panel will screen dossiers based first on academic performance, then on the appropriateness of the candidate's prior academic background to the demands of the program. All other things being equal, work experience can be a deciding factor when choosing between two applications. After this step, candidates are placed into one of three categories: Capital market, Corporate, and Transversal. This is an elimination stage.
  3. One-on-one interview with a recruitment professional to ascertain the candidate's motivation and maturity and the relevance of their career goals to the program. The student must accept the categories into which they are placed by the review panel. This is also an elimination stage.
  4. Corporate bank partners are sent student applications, classed by category. They invite students to interview with their HR department and the relevant managerial staff. There is a waiting list for each position.
  5. Selected candidates will be those best suited to the demands of the Master's program and the position offered by the partner banks.

All concerned parties (the university, the banks, and the candidates) will have had the opportunity to voice their wishes during the process. This guarantees that candidates are treated equitably.

When to apply?


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