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Investment Banking and Markets - 268 - Master's Year 2

Program Year


Obligatoire (Choisir 1 Majeur)

Academic Training Year 2022 - 2023 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The program consists of 450 hours of instruction, spread out between September and July.
The year is structured on a rotational model, according to the following pattern:

  • One day per week on campus
  • Four days per week at the workplace
  • Six full-time weeks on campus over the course of the year (30 course hours per week).

Students must choose the program that best aligns with their role at the corporate bank: they can choose between Corporate Banking and Capital Markets. These two programs both entail additional hours for advanced coursework.
The courses will be taught in French or in English. Student performance will be evaluated by means of continuous assessment and a final exam.
Students can also take the Reuters Certification and the Bloomberg Assessment Test.
Work-study is essential to this program: students have to agree to an apprenticeship contract of at least 10 months. Students in the apprenticeship program are required to produce a two-part apprenticeship report (one for each half of the apprenticeship). The apprenticeship supervisor and the university advisor grade this project. In order to receive their degree, students must get a grade of 10/20 (multiplied by a coefficient of 4) on their apprenticeship booklets.

Internships and Supervised Projects

In addition to their work at their host bank, students participate in a number of events hosted by the program, including:

  • A coaching day provided by an HR office that specializes in BFI careers,
  • A day dedicated to digital and technological issues in corporate and investment banking, hosted by an international technology company that is a program partner,
  • An inaugural lecture given by the cohort chair,
  • Professional seminar organized by the Master's program's student association
  • Seminars and presentations given at the banks and companies visited during field trips.