Real Estate Management - 246 - Master's Year 2

Who can apply?

  • Students who have completed a BAC+4 degree (a four-year degree worth 240 ECTS credits) or equivalent at Dauphine or another university or institution of higher education
  • As initial training: Students must have obtained a first-year Master's degree before the start of the fall semester. Students are strongly encouraged to do a real-estate internship before applying. Students should bring their TOEIC test results to the oral interview (no minimum required score).
  • As continuing education: Higher degree (Bac +2 minimum) and at least three years of job experience in the real estate sector or similar.
  • Desire to join the realtor community.
  • Interest (but not necessarily experience or prior training) in finance.

How to apply?

There are three steps to the admissions process:

  1. An online application
  2. Eligibility for interview is determined after reviewing the application
  3. Interview with eligible applicants, followed by admissions decision.

When to apply?


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