Network and Digital Information Systems: Master's Year 1

Program Objectives

Students in the first year of the Master's program in Network and Digital Information Systems take a variety of courses geared towards knowledge acquisition in management (finance, human resource management, project management, marketing, logistics), information systems (modeling, governance, security, auditing), and innovation (in the digital and media spheres, but also as it pertains to economics and regulation), as well as the analysis tools that help provide insight into these matters.

The objectives of this program are:

  • Understand digital transformation and gain the knowledge required for its new roles.
  • Develop data-driven skills in analysis, project management, and product management.
  • Apply managerial skills and techniques to information systems in order to transform organizations, innovative businesses, and the private sector
  • Be open to a variety of professional perspectives in the public and private sector
Types of education
Initial training
Work-based training
ECTS Credits
60 credits
Optional Internship
No work-based training
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year



    University Professor

    Director of the 1st year of the Master's degree

  • Sophie GUYOMARD

    Teaching assistant

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