Graduate Program in Management

Program Objectives

The Research in Management 2-year program is a postgraduate qualification for academically talented students seeking to develop their knowledge and ability to undertake rigorous and original research in management (Marketing, Organization Theories, Accounting/Control, Strategy, Human Resources, Information Systems). It is a perfect preparation for a PhD or at least a starting point to undertake research at a public or private institute. From the first year, students are acculturated to the challenges of research in management, being part of tutored research projects.

Skills acquired:

  • Train a new generation of researchers and specialists armed to contribute to the renewal of analysis in management
  • Develop a deep understanding of existing research in the field
  • Build a critical understanding of contemporary issues for management and develop an ability to pursue original research in a reflexive and scholarly way
  • Study and practice basic principles of research design that will include the formulation of research problems and the evaluation of alternative approaches to research
  • Develop a professional pathway based on management research
  • Respond to new societal challenges, through the production of scientific knowledge

Types of education
Initial Training
Outgoing Level
English, French
Duration of studies
4 semesters
ECTS Credits
120 credits
Type of Diploma
University degree
Academic Year

Master’s Merit Scholarships

A dedicated team

  • Véronique PERRET

    University Professor


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  • Céline Baud

    Associate professor

  • Anne-Charlotte Filipovitch

    Academic administrator

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