Graduate Program in Management

Program Objectives

The Research in Management 2-year program is a postgraduate qualification for academically talented students seeking to develop their knowledge and ability to undertake rigorous and original research in management.
It is a perfect preparation for a PhD or at least a starting point to undertake research at a public or private institute.
From the first year, students are acculturated to the challenges of research in management, being part of tutored research projects.


1st year
Research in management

Mandatory courses: Strategic Management ; Introduction to Research Methods ; Business History and International Perspectives ; Brand Management ; ...

2nd year


  • Research in management Choice between different M2 research programs: Strategy & Organisations ; Audit/accounting ; Marketing ; …

Types of education
Initial Training
Outgoing Level
English, French
Duration of studies
4 semesters
ECTS Credits
120 credits
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year

Research backing

A dedicated team

  • Véronique PERRET

    University Professor

  • Antoine BLANC

    Assistant Professor

  • Anne-Charlotte Filipovitch

    Training Assistant