Law and Corporate Social Responsibility - 122 - Master's Year 2

Who can apply?

  • Students who have completed a BAC+4 degree (a four-year degree worth 240 ECTS credits) or equivalent at Dauphine, another university, a grande ecole specializing in business, an Institut d'Etudes Politiques, or another institution of higher education in one of the following disciplines: law, private law, public law
  • Legal training, particularly in law of obligations, corporate law, and contract law is useful.
  • Knowledge of labor law and competition law is also useful.

How to apply?

There are three steps to the admissions process:

  1. An online application
  2. Eligibility for interview is determined after reviewing the application
  3. Interview with applicants, followed by admissions decision.

The application package must include the following:

  • A CV and cover letter (the applicant should explain how their academic background fits into their professional aspirations as reflected through internships taken and interviews with professors or professionals in the legal profession). The letter should also discuss the essential role the program will play in helping them realize these aspirations.

Successful candidates will be invited to an interview with the training directors and possibly some members of his team. Questions can be asked about corporate law in general and its news. However, it's more a question of determining the candidate's ability to move forward independently in the construction of his thesis, to integrate himself into the promotion and to participate in the life of the course. Any professional, associative or personal experience can be an asset for the selection of candidates.

When to apply?


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