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Law and Corporate Social Responsibility - 122 - Master's Year 2

Program Year


  • Réussir son insertion professionnelle
  • Méthodologie appliquée à la recherche
  • L'entreprise et le crédit
  • L'entreprise capitaliste
  • L'entreprise en difficulté
  • L'entreprise et l'impôt
  • L'entreprise et ses comptes
  • The international context of corporations
  • Corporate social responsibility in the 21st century
  • L'entreprise face à ses enjeux environnementaux
  • L'entreprise et l'immobilier


  • Méthodologie approfondie appliquée à la recherche
  • L'entreprise et ses concurrents
  • L'entreprise et ses salariés
  • L'entreprise et les propriétés intellectuelles
  • Mémoire
  • L'entreprise et le juge pénal

Bloc option

  • Stage
  • Clinique des droits humains et du numérique

Academic Training Year 2023 - 2024 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The program consists of 312 hours of instruction, spread out between September and the end of March. The program includes two English-language components (30 hours and 24 hours)

All of the courses are research-focused. Students first take an interactive pedagogy course and a seminar on methodology and thesis writing (the thesis is central to this program). The courses are not large lectures, but rather thematic seminars that facilitate discussion and depth. The goal is to encourage students to question and analyze their interpretation of the rule of law, and to consider how it is applied from a critical and potentially comparatist or economic point of view. Students often present their work, or work together on case studies that they then present in class. The importance of group work to the program reflects the reality of research: researchers are less isolated and more integrated into an intellectual environment and a scholarly network.

The methodology and thesis writing seminar introduces students to the basics of library-based and internet research and provides support for their early thesis work such as researching and defining a topic and creating an outline. The student research directors also coordinate with this seminar.
The thesis itself aims for interdisciplinarity, innovation, and a comparatist approach. New or underrepresented interdisciplinary topics are encouraged, for which an awareness and understanding of certain ideas in international law may not only be useful, but essential. The thesis topics pertain to corporate and social responsibility (CSR) so that students can contend for the best CSR award.

Internships and Supervised Projects

The program includes an internship (six months part-time or three months half-time) taken in the second semester.