Management in the Countries of the South - 294 - Master's Year 2

Program Objectives

This program trains students to be able to raise to new challenges in business administration in the global south. The program teaches universal management techniques with a particular focus on the contextual relationship between the private sector and the challenges of development.

Program objectives:

  • Become expert in navigating between institutional context and specific development policies on the one hand and the workings of the private sector on the other in order to work in development NGOs
  • Become expert in the core management tools and techniques required to manage international projects and/or create your own business
  • Acquire the contextual knowledge that will allow them to hold managerial positions in specific professional spheres
Types of education
Initial training
French and English
ECTS Credits
60 credits
24 weeks
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year

The challenges of the ecological and social transition in the Master's degree programs

Several courses and tools are offered to students in the Master’s program, regardless of their specialization


  • Héla YOUSFI

    Associate Professor

    Co-Director of the 2nd year of the Master's degree

  • Frédérique Dejean

    University Professor

    Co-Director of the 2nd year of the Master's degree

  • Emmanuelle GAUNET

    Teaching assistant

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After Dauphine

1 month

job hunting's average duration

80 %

match between job and qualification level of graduates

33 500

Median salary

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