Management in the Countries of the South - 294 - Master's Year 2

Program Year


  • Cours d'introduction aux questions comtemporaines de développement
  • Responsabilité sociale et Développement durable
  • Entreprenariat et Développement
  • Stratégie Internationale
  • Enjeux de la croissance partenariales pour les entreprises
  • Gestion internationale des Ressources Humaines
  • Marketing International
  • Financement et développement
  • Théories et pratiques des organisations en contexte international


  • Transformation digitale des entreprises
  • Management de projets
  • Latin American Business Strategies
  • Afrique, Défis du Développement
  • Business Management in the Asian context
  • Mémoire
  • Cycles de conférences
  • Stage

Academic Training Year 2022 - 2023 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The program consists of around 400 hours of instruction, spread out between September and April. Several classes are taught in English.

The pedagogical method includes practical application, studies of real business scenarios, and many conversations with working professionals. To help with the apprenticeship, registered students are given a toolkit containing reference works.

Internships and Supervised Projects

Any time after April, students must complete an internship lasting at least three months. It must be concluded by the end of the calendar year.

The internship is an opportunity for students to develop their professional skills within a particular organization and sector. It may lead to a permanent or term position, as has been the case for many students from previous cohorts.