International Business & NCT Projects (MIB) – 233 - 2nd year of master's degree

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Academic Requirements for integrating the M2 Management et Organisation – International Business and NCT Projects:

  • Master 1 or equivalent - officially recognized 240 ECTS from a University or institution of higher education.
  • Fluency in English (TOEFL is highly recommended for non-English native speakers; TOEFL 92 IBT minimum is required for studying abroad)
  • Expérience: at least one experience abroad and a first significant professional experience (e.g., gap year, apprenticeship during the M1 year, etc.)

Academic Requirement for integrating the MIB at the M1 level (M1 “Management et Organisation”):

  • Licence / Bachelor (180 ECTS) in management or economics;
  • Fluency in English (TOEFL is highly recommended for non-native speakers; mandatory for participating in the double degree program with LUISS);
  • Experience: at least one experience abroad and a first professional experience (internship)
Non-EU citizens can apply to the MIB program in apprenticeship ONLY if they are currently enrolled in a French university/school or holding a carte de séjour. Non-EU citizens who expect to spend their first year in France in 2020-3021 may apply to "Formation initiale".

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Admission is done in 3 steps:

  1. Online application ;
  2. Eligibility decision for interviews, based on the application material ;
  3. Interview with eligible candidates, then admission decision.
Applications will only be made on the MyCandidature online platform.  

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Les admissions sont closes pour l'année universitaire 2020-2021

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