Research in Finance - 104 - 2nd year of master's degree

An International Outlook

It is possible to study abroad in the 4th semester, in English, in a partner institution

  • 1 place to Bocconi University, every 2 years
  • 2 places to Tilburg University. Students interested in completing a PhD in co-supervision with Tilburg will have priority on these places
  • 2 places to Lugano Univeristy
  • 2 places to HEC Lausanne
  • 1 place to Saint Gallen

If the number of students wishing to study abroad exceeds the number of places available, priority will be given to students who have completed at least one year in Paris-Dauphine.
The M2 104 is also a member of the QTEM network.

For the PhD Qualifying Year

Going abroad during the PhD Qualifying Year is not an option for those intending to complete a PhD dissertation in the Finance PhD Program at University Paris-Dauphine PSL. At the doctorate level however, the PhD students will have the opportunity to visit foreign universities.