Programme trajectoires - amphitheatre connecte - 22/03/17Programme trajectoires - amphitheatre connecte - 22/03/17

Corporate Taxation - 221 - Master's Year 2

Program Year


  • Contrôle et contentieux fiscal 
  • L’environnement juridique, comptable et financier de l’entreprise 
  • La fiscalité interne des entreprises 
  • La fiscalité européenne et comparée des entreprises 


  • La fiscalité des groupes et des restructurations 
  • Fiscalité internationale et planification fiscale des groupes internationaux
  • L'environnement juridique et financier des restructurations 
  • Stage et préparation à la vie professionnelle

Academic Training Year 2021 - 2022 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The program consists of 450 hours of courses and seminars, split between September and the end of March.

The program content focuses on domestic corporate taxation, comparative and European corporate taxation, tax disputes and legislation, corporate group taxation, taxation of mergers and acquisitions, international taxation, and fiscal planning for international groups. To these courses are added seminars on the legal landscape, corporate accounting and management, and the legal and financial landscape of restructuring.
30% of courses are taught in English, because fluency in English is essential to getting hired in the most prestigious English-speaking law firms or the financial directorates of international corporations.

A large portion of class time is reserved for practical applications and case studies. Students engage with a number of simulation games. This practical component means that students are fully prepared for employment at the end of the program and able to complete their three-month internship in the best possible conditions.

Internships and Supervised Projects

This program emphasizes the year-end internship, which is a three- to six-month endeavor beginning in March. The goal is to help students be more efficient at work through stress management, self confidence, and time management.

Every year, the program's students work at law firms, companies, and public institutions in order to gain the work experience required for them to pursue their career goals. Students must produce an internship report at the end of this internship.