Consulting and Innovation in Management - 010 - Master's Year 2

Program Objectives

The Consulting and Innovation in Management track trains management consultants, project managers and future managers, with a focus on managerial innovations.

The objectives of the training:

  • Acquire a management culture
  • Develop knowledge of innovation approaches
  • Analyze so-called innovative management practices
  • Take into account the issue of employee engagement
  • Acquire skills in managing organizational change projects.

It is also a question of deciphering the challenges and current trends, with a set of courses devoted for example to digital, to questions of governance, ethics and CSR, to the understanding of the architecture of IS, as well as to social psychology and the insight it provides for group work.

The teaching aims to be "hands in the sludge", in search of the alchemy between theory and practice. It is not theory or practice, but both that are articulated in different ways throughout the year and in each course (scenarios, case studies, concrete projects, feedback, etc. .). This pedagogy centered on learning by "doing" is further reinforced by a set of courses which complete the thematic core and prepare for the activity of management consulting: workshops for the design of management systems through use analysis cases of a partner consulting company, approaches and methods of consulting with part of a real mission on which to work, as well as business cases ("Management Innovation Case Studies") designed as junior consulting missions, carried out in direct contact with partner companies.

Completed by an internship of at least 4 months, the Design and Innovation in Management course leads mainly to management consulting jobs, but also within companies with project management assignments.

Types of education
Initial training
ECTS Credits
60 credits
16 weeks
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year

The challenges of the ecological and social transition in the Master's degree programs

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  • Serge PERROT

    University Professor

    Director of the 2nd year of the Master's degree

  • Emmanuelle GAUNET

    Teaching assistant

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