Business Development - MeM - 276 - Master's Year 2

Program Objectives

The Business Development program trains future operational managers in business development. With its focus on marketing and commercial strategies, the program teaches students how to expand a business through new markets or develop new products to meet specific customer needs.

Program objectives:

  • Be responsible for customer relations and operational marketing
  • Negotiate and manage large accounts
  • Expand of sales to new markets
  • Apply a global marketing approach to cross-departmental processes
Types of education
Work-based training
French and English
ECTS Credits
60 credits
No work-based training
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year

Teaching staff

  • Manuel CARTIER

    University Professor

    Director of the 1st year of the Master's degree

  • Claudine PIERRE

    Teaching assistant

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After Dauphine

2 month

Average duration of job search

93 %

Net employment rate

36 000

Median salary