Retail and Customer Management - 206 - Master's Year 2

Program Year


  • C-Store 1
  • Stratégie de veille et communication
  • Stratégie des distributeurs
  • E-commerce et digital
  • Management des clients - CRM analytique
  • Challenge distribution
  • SCOPS 1
  • Responsabilité sociale des distributeurs
  • Gestion financière et Marketing
  • Challenge Inter-Parcours


  • Category management et achats
  • Supply chain et Systèmes d’information
  • Merchandising
  • Projet voyage d’études
  • Missions
  • SCOPS 2
  • C-Store 2
  • Accompagnement vers l'emploi et soft skills
  • Expérience Professionnelle

Academic Training Year 2022 - 2023 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The Distribution and Customer Relations track is a 16-month program divided over two sessions: after taking classes for nine months (from September to the end of May), students then complete a six-month internship. The program consists of 645 hours of instruction, around 20 hours a week, plus major individual and group projects. When classes are in session, students are full-time on campus.
The wide variety of courses offers students a broad knowledge basis and a 360° vision of marketing and distribution. By the end of the program, students, who will have spent a significant portion of their time in the program interacting with businesses, are experts in the opportunities and challenges of e-commerce, the digital shift, and customer relations.
In order to prepare students for professional life, the program puts particular emphasis on soft skills. They learn how to create a compliance strategy, implement project management and support techniques, work well as part of a team, participate in the various professional development opportunities in the Master's program, improve their public speaking skills, interact with the high-level executives who engage with the program, and build and strengthen their career goals through job seeking workshops, etc.
Regular projects are central to the program and give students an opportunity to gain professional experience that will be useful in their future job search.

Internships and Supervised Projects

Students must complete an internship of at least six months beginning as early as June and produce an internship report.

Teaching staff

  • Aurélia Barth

    Customer Sucess Director chez Proximis

    Cours enseigné : Business plan

  • Grégoire Bothorel

    Marketing Research chez Numberly (1000mercis group)

    Cours enseigné : Web-marketing et marketing cross-canal

  • Bastien Faure

    Manager capital client chez PMP

    Cours enseigné : E-commerce et digital

  • Guillaume Floquet

    Chief people officer chez Numberly (1000mercis group)

    Cours enseigné : Design Thinking

  • Nicolas Gueuzurian

    Chef de secteur métiers de bouche et frais libre service

    Cours enseigné : Innovation

  • Florence Guittet

    Associé IMPP Category Management Solutions

    Cours enseigné : Category Management

  • Julie Hermann

    Expert études shoppers, fondatrice de Focus Shopper et formatrice sur le merchandising et le commerce connecté

    Cours enseigné : Projet SCOPS

  • Franck Joseph-Maurin

    Expert communication, Directeur TEMBO Conseil et Formation

    Cours enseigné : Projet SCOPS

  • Samy Kchok

    Directeur Organisation et Méthode Logistique et Transport chez Monoprix

    Cours enseigné : Supply chain et Systèmes d’information

  • Sarah Lasri

    Maître de Conférences Université Paris Dauphine-PSL

    Cours enseignés : Responsabilité sociale des distributeurs, Projet SCOPS, C-Store, Missions

  • Bruno Ménage

    Secrétaire général adjoint, Intermarché

    Cours enseigné : Category Management

  • Florent Miquel

    Consultant Mission Capital Client, Directeur ACEMIS

    Cours enseigné : Projet C-Store

  • Emmy-Lou Nicolaï

    Manager Digital & Expérience Client chez PMP

    Cours enseigné : méthodes agiles

  • Geoffroy Normand

    Responsable Marketing Online, Auchan Luxembourg

    Cours enseigné : Innovation

  • Joëlle Pellegrin

    Directrice générale, La Perla

    Cours enseigné : Management des achats

  • Joël Plat

    Professeur associé Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, Market Leader Apple

    Cours enseignés : Supply chain et SI, Stratégie des distributeurs, Projet SCOPS

  • Guillaume Renard

    CFO Digital Division, L'Oréal Groupe

    Cours enseignés : Gestion financière et marketing

  • Valérie Renaudin

    Maître de Conférences Université Paris Dauphine-PSL

    Cours enseignés : Merchandising, Projet SCOPS, Projet Voyage d'études

  • Pierre Volle

    Professeur Université Paris Dauphine-PSL

    Cours enseigné : Management de la Relation Client

  • Eric Voltzenlogel

    Product Manager and Head Pre-sales for cross-commerce solution RBS Change and click & collect platform Proximis

    Cours enseigné : Projet C-Store