Who can apply?

  • Students who have completed a BAC+3 degree (a three-year degree worth 180 ECTS) or equivalent at Dauphine, another university, an institute of political studies, a Grande Ecole, or another institution of higher education in France or abroad in the following disciplines: management, sociology, economics, human and social sciences, engineering sciences, communication studies.
  • This program is open to people whose professional experience could be VAE-certified.

How to apply?

There are three steps to the admissions process:

  1. An online application
  2. Eligibility for interview is determined after reviewing the application
  3. Interview with eligible applicants, followed by admissions decision.
Applicants must select the track they wish to take in the second year of the Master's degree (this will be taken into account when their candidacy is evaluated) and note whether they are applying for the initial training program, the work-study program, or both (in which case they should rank their selections).

Applicants should include the following with their application:

  • A five-page essay about a subject related to an HR or change management issue (depending on which track they select for the second year of the Master's degree);
  • Career development plans detailed in a cover letter
  • All information about their previous education, their language skills (particularly English), and any professional experience (in HR or not) and international experience. Some advice: be sure to explain any irregularities (low grades, repeated courses, sabbatical years, change in focus).

When to apply?


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