Research in Finance - 104 - 2nd year of master's degree

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  • Students who have successfully completed the first year of a Master (240 ECTS or equivalent)
  • Students from different study fileds: management, economics, econometrices, mathematics, computer science, etc.
  • For the students enrolled from the M1 Finance at Dauphine, it is recommended to follow a specific courses list, named as this program
  • Knowledge in quantitative fields (applied mathematics, statistics, econometrics, computer science) is appreciated. A real interest for these topics is however higly recommended.
  • The ability to provide Gmath and Toefl Scores is also valued.
  • Autonomy, critical thinking and originality is appreciated
  • the fundamental course « Corporate Finance » : Fundamentals in Corporate Finance or equivalent
  • the fundamental course « Derivative pricing and stochastic calculus » : Finance in continuous time
  • the course « Machine Learning : empirical applications for finance : Python for finance c

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A 3 steps admission process:

  1. Online applications
  2. Admissibility decision based on the application file
  3. Interviews with pre-selected candidates, followed by final admission
Applicants will be required to write a 15-pages dissertation, in French or in English (with a preference for the Englis) on a topic which they will choose from a list of subjects.

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