Rentree en Licence le 17/09/2015Rentree en Licence le 17/09/2015Rentree en Licence le 17/09/2015

Financial Law – 259 – Master's Year 2

Program Year


  • Fusions acquisitions
  • Contrats d'assurance et assurance-vie
  • Droit public bancaire
  • Droit anglo-américain des contrats
  • Analyse financière d'entreprise
  • Analyse financière de marché
  • Droit financier
  • Comptabilité
  • Droit pénal financier
  • Examens
  • Travaux personnels, de groupe, séminaires


  • Séminaires d'économie et de gestion
  • Séminaires juridiques
  • Mémoire
  • Expérience professionnelle (APP, FC, FI)
  • Examens
  • Travaux personnels, de groupe, séminaires

Academic Training Year 2023 - 2024 - subject to modification

Teaching Modalities

The program consists of a321 hours of instruction, spread out between October and April. Several of the courses are taught in English.

The program entails apprenticeship-based learning. This allows students to gain significant professional experience while earning a recognized degree and gives companies the opportunity to train an apprentice team member.

The apprenticeship schedule is as follows:

  • September (optional): full-time in the workplace
  • October: five days of classes a week on campus
  • From the start of November to the end of June: a 3 days on/2 days off schedule: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at the place of employment and Thursday/Friday on campus.
  • From July: full-time at the workplace.
  • Program end: end of September of year N+1

Internships and Supervised Projects

Students in the initial training program must undertake a stage of at least six months' duration.