Master - Accounting Control Audit

Program Objectives

The Master in Accounting, Control and Audit is characterized by a strong interaction with the professions of consulting, accounting and audit. This Master gives you access to 5 out of the 7 course accreditations for the French Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Management (Chartered Accountant).

This Master also offers the possibility of starting an internship in chartered accounting after graduation.

Course description:

  • Understand the challenges and evolution of companies and the financial world.
  • Discover the accounting, environmental and societal issues of organizations.
  • Develop the technical skills needed in the professions of accounting, auditing, finance and consulting.
  • Enhance cross-disciplinary understanding of economic professions.

Organization of the Master’s Degree

1st year
Accounting Control Audit

After a first year followed by an optional gap year, only 1 specialization is possible.

2nd year


Types of education
Initial and work-based training
Outgoing Level
French and English
Duration of studies
4 semesters (excluding the gap year)
ECTS Credits
120 credits
Type of Diploma
National diploma
Academic Year

Primary Opportunities

  • External or Internal Auditor
  • Consulting in mergers and acquisitions
  • Risk Manager
  • Professions of certified accountants and auditors
  • Accounting and financial management employee
  • Financial Comptroller

Dauphine in Their Own Words

Gwenaël LE MOUËL

Financial Auditor at Ernst & Young



A dedicated team

  • Bruno Oxibar

    Associate Professor, Director of the Master's degree in Accounting, Control, Auditing, Director of the 2nd year of the Master's degree - Accounting, Control, Auditing

  • Karine Fabre

    Associate Professor, Director of the 1st year of the Master's degree - Accounting, Control, Auditing